Samples and Format for Internship Report

Samples and Format for Internship Report

An internship report must include important information about your internship program. It must also contain a summary of the skill sets you learned.

Bear in mind, nevertheless, that you must strictly adhere to any guidelines your internship supervisor gave you regarding your internship report. These guidelines may include information such as required information, page layout, and deadlines.

To develop your internship report, follow the procedure below:

  • Create a title page.

Provide a title or cover page that contains your name, school, date, and name of the company. This distinguishes your report from those submitted by other interns who might also be completing reports. Generally, you will be required to provide a cover page with information including the title of your report, the category of the report, your name, degree course, and the full name, address, webpage, and contact information of the employer. It is critical that your cover page be extensively informative, yet not so comprehensive it becomes confusing to glance at. Arrange and align your data on the cover page with an eye toward visual appeal, preferring focused text and missed lines among each distinct detail.

  • Make a table of content.

A table of content might also be included with your internship report. This should be the opening page of your report because it permits readers to browse the sections of the paper that interest them the most. Consider including a table of contents page, particularly if your report has several section headings or is longer than 8 pages.

  • Include organization biographical information.

Your report should cover a company’s background. Include details such as the firm’s founding date, its vision or mission declaration, the kinds of work completed daily, and any additional pertinent facts. Background enables the reader to comprehend your experience more clearly.

  • Include your internship placement and duties.

The body of your internship report will be devoted to your interactions with the company. Before going into detail about your experience and the lessons you learned, it’s a good idea to describe your responsibilities and duties as an intern with the organization. This will provide your reader with a more concise summary of your internship and enable you to communicate your achievements in the position.

  • Finish with continuing considerations.

It’s also a good idea to think about what skill sets or experiences you still want to gain. For instance, if you wished you could have gotten more straightforward customer experiences, talk about it. You may also bring up your desire to become further engaged in the technological aspects of the company. This procedure provides you with information on what you would like to keep working on in your subsequent role, as well as suggestions for how the company can enhance its internship program.

Remember that your internship supervisor as well as other management staff may read your internship report. If the internship is an aspect of your academic program, your teacher, schoolmates, and other university officials may review your report as well. Keep a formal style of communication and spellcheck your report thoroughly before submission.

Abstract for An Internship Report

Because most professional reports necessitate an abstract—a compressed overview of the report’s contents—you must include an abstract for your internship report as well.

In studies published, an internship report abstract is reviewed by more persons compared to any other portion of the paper, so its functionality is crucial. The abstract is always self-contained, and it is typically presented on a different page with a single paragraph. Abstracts are commonly written last due to time constraints.

Abstract For Internship Report Guideline

  • Briefly outline the report’s intent by specifying the primary goal and scope of the internship
  • Explain the methodology
  • Sum up the specifics of your job role
  • Offer fundamental information concerning the company
  • sum up the outcomes
  • Refer the reader to the report’s results, which in this particular instance could be your assessment of the experience
  • Include key phrases and terms that easily describe the significance and goal of the task in simple and concise language

The abstract style focuses on industry and information. Sentences ought to be brief but comprehensive. In the abstract, you could employ the pronoun “I” to represent yourself, but in summary, a simple and direct, and unbiased tone must be retained.

Example of Abstract For Internship Report

The following is a brief extract from the introduction to an internship report abstract:

This report describes the responsibilities of a research intern at Shared drive Conglomerate in Surrey, Pennsylvania, and strongly suggests the internship to other students. Shared drive Conglomerate has over 30 units spread across four states. I was employed in the Central Processing Unit Division…

Template for Internship Report

When writing an internship report, you can utilize a variety of formats, but you must always include relevant information concerning the company and sum up everything you’ve learned. You could also include areas in need of improvement.

When writing your internship report, you may employ the following template:

The title page



[Internship commencement and completion dates]

[Company for Internship]

The table of contents page

  1. Data about the organization
  2. Explanation of the internship
  3. A summary of my internship program
  4. Continued consideration

Data about the organization

[Name of Company] was established in [year] with the goal of [specifics]. The company’s mission statement is to [vision and mission statement]. With [specifics], [Name of Company] acts an important role in the industry. I picked this company because I believe its objective is crucial and pertinent to my professional goals.

Explanation of the internship

My job at [Name of Company] entailed [specifics]. In [internship duties], I worked very closely with [group].

A summary of my internship program

I was capable of improving my [skill sets] throughout my internship with [Name of Company]. I discovered [personal experience] to be especially beneficial in enhancing my [abilities]. Even though [experience] was difficult for me, it was beneficial in improving my [abilities].

Continued consideration

While I gained many valuable experiences at [Name of Company], I believe I must continue to improve my sense of trust with [job]. I would like to have spent additional time achieving [job].

In summary, [specifics].

Sample of Internship Report

Although there are numerous layouts for your internship report, below is one using the template above:

The title page

Evans Smith

Internship in Academic Advising

February 1 to November 20, 2021

Anders Junior High 

The table of contents

  1. Data about the organization
  2. Explanation of the internship
  3. A summary of my internship program
  4. Continued consideration

Data about the organization

Anders Junior High was established in 1996 to serve the students of Texas. The school’s mission and vision statement are to broaden pupils’ academic awareness while also nurturing their bright talents. With extracurricular activities and Saturday afternoon private lessons, Anders Junior High continues to play a significant part in the community. I decided to finish my internship at this school because I admire the job they do with internal kids via community engagement and extracurricular educational services.

Explanation of the internship

My responsibilities at Anders Junior High included evaluating the education program and working with high school students. I collaborated directly with the class teacher in evaluating special educational needs, aiding teaching staff with students’ psychological challenges, and meeting with at-risk high school students.

Continued consideration

I was successful in improving my listening skills, making plans, and treatment program abilities throughout my internship at Anders Junior High. Frequent contacts with these high school students were especially beneficial in enhancing my educational skills. Even though group discussions were difficult for me, I presume they were beneficial in building my confidence as a class teacher.

Continued consideration

While I had numerous beneficial experiences at Anders Junior High, I believe I must continue to improve my evaluation confidence. I would prefer to have spent additional time aiding and assessing tests.

Finally, my time at Anders Junior High was instrumental in my growth as a class teacher. I anticipate applying what I’ve learned and the abilities I’ve gained to my subsequent role.

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