Universities Offering Accredited Online Ph.D. Programs

Those looking to obtain a doctorate are increasingly choosing certified online Ph.D. programs. This is particularly valid for professions like science, medicine, and teaching. It’s crucial to know the approved programs offered by universities that give the courses that best fit your goals if you’re looking for the top online Ph.D. program. The definition of an online Ph.D. program and the 26 American universities that provide online recognized doctoral programs are discussed in this post.

What exactly is an accredited online Ph.D. program?

An online Ph.D. can be pursued from one’s home or some other location with the help of recognized online Ph.D. programs. One of the most prestigious degrees available is a doctorate, and graduates can pursue careers as clinical psychologists, scientists, and university lecturers, among other professions. Often, it takes several years to finish one of these online schools. Depending on the sort of study and profession a person chooses, different coursework may be required.

The Importance of Accreditation for Online Ph.D. Programs

Accreditation is important, especially for online Ph.D. programs. An approved program satisfies the academic requirements that other institutions follow. The certificates an institution awards to its students are recognized by other higher education institutions and future employers thanks to accreditation.

Universities are assessed by private, independent groups from all around the United States to make sure they adhere to these requirements.

A Ph.D. can be earned online, but make sure the program is accredited. The greatest degree you may obtain is a doctorate. Your peers in the industry and at other universities won’t probably take your degree seriously if your course isn’t approved. You won’t be eligible for any licenses you might require if your school is not accredited.

Accredited universities with online Ph.D. programs

The following 26 institutions provide recognized online Ph.D. programs online:

1. Liberty University

Online Ph.D. programs in business admin with a leadership focus are available from Liberty University. This program equips participants with the knowledge and abilities needed to build a career in executive roles across a range of industries. The curriculum consists of 60 credits and classes on leadership philosophy, business development, and management methods.

2. North Central University

Online Ph.D. programs in business administration with a focus on general business are offered online at Northcentral University. Those who already have business experience and are interested in becoming qualified for opportunities at higher levels may find this degree useful. Examples of courses offered in this curriculum include corporate finance and regulatory approaches.

3. Keiser University

For those working as industry professionals, Keiser University provides an online doctoral degree in business administration. This course emphasizes contemporary business theory developments and calls for a practical investigation. Management and business theories, commercial practices, and research to enhance businesses and communities are some of the subjects included in this degree’s courses.

4. Adizes Graduate Institution

An organizational transformation studies doctoral program is available at Adizes Graduate School. Students who pursue this degree can study change administration in society and participate in a flexible and engaging forum. System theory and spiral dynamics are among the topics this curriculum addresses.

5. The Southwest University

An authorized online doctoral course in business management with a focus on self-design is available from the University of the Southwest. The school designed this curriculum with executives and administrators in mind, but it might be a fantastic alternative for leaders in both the public and private sectors. The University of the Southwest School provides individualized instruction according to the requirements of the student.

6. Argosy University

A doctor of the education degree program is available from Argosy University. This course was created by Argosy for students who are interested in promoting social justice and building inclusive communities that value variety and understanding. Social justice, critical analysis, and increasing knowledge to support diversity in particular situations are a few examples of themes addressed in this course.

7. The American Sentinel University

The executive leadership doctorate program is offered by this online university. Since the course is entirely online, students can take it from the convenience of their homes or any other suitable location. This program trains program directors, instructors, and deans for management in educational institutions for nurses with an emphasis on the nursing sector.

8. The University of Baker College

Those looking to further their business education can enroll in the doctor of business administration program offered by this university. Students gain independence and transition from assigned coursework to supervised academic work throughout years two and three of college. Students then select a topic for autonomous research that is pertinent to their interests.

9. Aspen University

A computer science Ph.D. is an option available to students at Aspen University. In this subject, students gain several abilities, such as the ability to think critically and to do computer science-related research. Students who complete the program may be able to evaluate modern technologies and identify possible problems with risk management.

10. Benedict University

For people interested in working in higher education or becoming teachers at universities, this university provides a Ph.D. in organizational change and postsecondary learning. The accredited online course from Benedict University trains students to manage both private and public academic organizations and agencies, conduct academic research, and help advance the field of post-secondary academic knowledge. Courses cover organizational change, student support, and curriculum, as well as educational leadership.

11. Belmont University

To assist practicing occupational therapists in furthering their careers, Belmont University provides a Ph.D. in occupational therapy. Via its numerous ties with clinical settings, this program offers in-depth study and practical experience. Community organizations, treatment clinics, and long-term care homes are a few examples of clinical locations where a student could intern or work.

12. Intercontinental University of California

A doctoral degree in global business and leadership offered online by California Intercontinental University trains students for careers in consultancy and administration, content marketing, and application architecture. The program’s goal is to aid students in developing their writing, analytical thinking, and practical research skills. Students gain knowledge in risk management techniques, project management principles, and leadership principles.

13. Boston University

An online Ph.D. in physical therapy from Boston University equips graduates to practice as independent physical therapists. This program offers students 44 weeks of full-time instruction in a clinical setting in addition to academics, which includes a six-month internship. For students looking to develop in this field of work, the university also provides online Ph.D. programs in engineering and material science.

14. College of Saint. Scholastica

Students can get a Ph.D. in physical therapy from the College of St. Scholastica. It instructs students in a variety of ways, such as through lectures, role-playing, and lab exercises. The curriculum prepares students for interactions with patients and clinicians during clinical experiences.

15. Capella University

This university provides two distinct online Ph.D. programs, one in business management with a focus on accounting and the other in accounting. These courses give learners the understanding they need to seek higher-level positions in financial leadership, consulting, and teaching. Both degrees require students to complete scholarly writing, accounting software, and research assignments.

16. Des Moines University

Consider earning your Ph.D. in physiotherapy from Des Moines University if you’re looking to advance your profession in physical therapy. The emphasis of this course is managerial skills, preventative well-being and health programs, and manual therapy. It builds on participants’ prior understanding of physical therapy. Physical therapists can carry on with their current work while enrolled in this program.

17. University of Cleveland

A Ph.D. degree in business administration is available online from Cleveland State University. With the aid of this curriculum, students can pursue careers in logistics, management, and supply chain management. Business research, multivariate statistical techniques, and business teaching methodologies are all covered in the course material.

18. Florida State University

For students wishing to advance their careers in risk management and insurance, Florida State University provides an online doctoral degree in these subjects. It emphasizes preparing students to deal with complex legal and ethical challenges as well as other business-related issues. This curriculum comprises courses in financial theory, macroeconomic theory, and static optimization.

19. University of East Tennessee

For those who want to deepen their understanding of the nursing sector, East Tennessee University provides a Ph.D. program in nursing philosophy that is accredited. It’s crucial to take into account that students participate in a variety of on-campus sessions to gain classroom experience while applying to this program. The remaining course material is entirely online.

20. The Illinois Institute of Technology

The Illinois Institute of Technology provides a research-intensive Ph.D. in ethics of metallurgical and materials science that equips students with the knowledge necessary to excel in a variety of professions. Engineer in materials science, professional engineer in materials science, and engineer in materials research are a few careers one might take with this degree. Failure analysis, engineering analysis, and advanced mechanical metallurgy are among the course assignments.

21. George Fox University

Students at this university can obtain a Ph.D. in instructional leadership. It lasts for three years and calls for 56 credits. Students who complete the program will get a variety of credentials, along with a Principle License and a Professional Administration License, with a particular emphasis on the growth of scholars and practitioners.

22. Lamar University

Two accredited Ph.D. courses in education, one in global educational leadership and the other in innovative educational leadership are offered online by Lamar University. Lamar developed these online Ph.D. programs to give education leaders the skills and training they need to work as educators. Students can finish the Ph.D. courses exclusively online within eight semesters.

23. The University of Jacksonville State

Students have the option of pursuing a doctorate in science emergency planning at Jacksonville State University, which equips them to deal with difficulties in their communities such as significant disasters. Students must complete 42 credits of curriculum and pass 3 qualifying tests to receive this degree. Disaster management and concepts, hazardous risk management, local resilience, and research design are all included in the course material.

24. University of Michigan-Tech

A doctorate in engineering mechanics is available in mechanical engineering from Michigan Technological University. In this course, topics including layout and dynamic networks, artificial intelligent physics of multi-scale materials, and automated vehicles are just a few examples. The research that students in this program conduct frequently focus on lean production, wind energy, alternative energy, and nanotechnology.

25. Nova Southeastern University

Many online Ph.D. programs are available from Nova Southeastern University, including those in speech-language pathology, conflict resolution, settlement, education, healthcare, criminology, and occupational therapy. Due to its status as a research university, many of this institution’s ongoing studies, including those addressing cancer treatments, coral reef rehabilitation, and wildlife DNA forensics, are open to students through the online Ph.D. programs they provide. No matter the major they choose, Nova Southeastern University students participate in research to develop new theories, technologies, and information to advance science and enhance lives.

26. Monmouth University

Students may pursue a doctorate in nursing practice at Monmouth University, which is accredited. In this curriculum, new practice problems, systems leadership, and evidence-based clinical expertise are highlighted. Students can select from the part-time and full-time online study for this 36-credit program.

The Benefits of an Online Ph.D. Program

  • You’ll get expertise in a subject you’re enthusiastic about.
  • You get to do original research and influence your industry.
  • You may choose your timetable and easily juggle commitments with online Ph.D. programs.
  • Work with leading academics in your field.
  • Networking opportunities with coworkers and classmates from across the globe are available.
  • While pursuing your employment, you can continue to work on your degree.
  • Students can frequently enroll in expedited programs for online Ph.D. programs.
  • Online Ph.D. programs frequently have lower tuition expenses than traditional schools.

Possible Disadvantages

  • Searching for “online Ph.D. programs accredited” or “online doctoral programs accredited” can reveal that certain online Ph.D. programs may be pricey. While some online Ph.D. programs include housing assistance, health insurance, stipends, and tuition waivers, this frequently isn’t the case. You cannot finance yourself with a full-time job because many Ph.D. programs demand you to enroll full-time. A Ph.D. can still be expensive, even with the grants, grants, and scholarships that are available to qualified candidates.
  • Is it worthwhile to spend time and money getting a Ph.D. if you can develop in your job without one (and get paid more or get a promotion)? Does advancing your career in your field depend more on your school background, your work experience, or a mix of both? In certain cases, all you need to land a top job in your industry is a master’s degree. That choice will be yours to make.
  • Do you possess the necessary skills to complete the course? If you start a Ph.D., you must finish it, or your efforts would be in vain. A Ph.D. that isn’t done doesn’t signify much.

What Is the Cost of online Ph.D. programs?

In general, the cost of tuition and expenses for online Ph.D. programs range from $60,000 to $200,000.

The price of your Ph.D. program depends on several things, such as:

  • If the course is completely funded
  • Whether or not your institution is public
  • If you are a student that lives in the state or not,
  • Length of your course (The average Ph.D. program requires 5-7 years to finish)
  • Amount of financial assistance received

While many doctoral schools in the United States are fully supported, they frequently have extremely stringent admission requirements.

Attending a program that grants residents tuition discounts for in-state tuition is one option to lower the cost of your online Ph.D. Remember to fill out the FAFSA annually to qualify for federal financial aid.

You might have to pay extra expenses as an online learner, such as per-semester technology fees. Moreover, a laptop or computer is required, possibly along with particular software.

Last but not least, as you research your dissertation, you might have to set aside money for sporadic travel from and to college and research locations.

What qualifications are needed for online Ph.D. programs?

Admissions criteria

You probably noticed that a lot of them are famously competitive in your search for “online Ph.D. programs accredited or accredited online Ph.D. programs”. For the sake of maintaining the quality of their programs, most universities only accept a certain number of Ph.D. candidates. The application package that potential students submit must be impressive to differentiate itself from other applicants and be noticed by the admissions committee.

For the majority of online Ph.D. programs, you must have completed your most recent degree program with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Certain online Ph.D. programs might call for more data, such as:

  • Recommendation letters
  • Statement of purpose
  • GRE results
  • A resume or cv

The following components make up a doctoral degree:

  • Coursework: The first phase of your Ph.D. program is normally when you finish your coursework. Coursework gives you an improved understanding as well as instruction in research methodology, which helps you get ready for the dissertation procedure. Several mandatory courses are offered by some online Ph.D. programs. Others provide you the option to select a specialty or optional classes that match your career interests.
  • Extensive Exam: Doctoral candidates must typically pass a comprehensive test as part of Ponline Ph.D. programs that include a dissertation requirement. Before you start writing your dissertation, the faculty can evaluate your knowledge base and grasp of the subject. It might be a written or oral examination.
  • Proposal for a dissertation: Doctoral students build their dissertation proposals as part of their coursework. A Ph.D. candidate’s dissertation proposal is a detailed summary of the study they hope to conduct. Students must state the following clearly and succinctly:
    • The research question they are pursuing
    • Talk about the project’s broad outlines
    • Discuss the plan of action
    • Describe the value it brings to the field.
  • Research for the dissertation: After receiving approval for your dissertation proposal, you can begin your program’s research stage. The final component of doctoral coursework is dissertation research. To accomplish the dissertation research project you created, you work collaboratively with your advisor. In your dissertation paper, you also offer a summary of your research and your findings.
  • Field Study: As a requirement for graduation, several Ph.D. or doctorate programs ask that you do a field experience or practicum. You may meet this prerequisite in place of a dissertation in online Ph.D. programs in physiotherapy or nursing.
  • Special projects: You can be given the chance to finish a special project as part of a Ph.D. program. You have the chance to obtain specific expertise through these exceptional corporate development programs, which can help you improve your résumé and grow your career.

What Careers Are Available for Those With online Ph.D. programs?

After completing your online Ph.D. degree, you can choose from a range of careers in and beyond academia.

A lot of Ph.D. graduates, particularly those who focused on the humanities, end up becoming professors. The positions of manager, scientist, and psychiatrist are also in demand.

According to Payscale, graduates of online Ph.D. programs get a median basic pay of $101,000 a year, which is comparatively high.


Online Ph.D. programs could be worthwhile if you wish to complete your degree on your schedule and a tight budget. Remember, though, that some subjects necessitate practical experience in a lab or on the job, which may not be available with an online school.

Frequently Asked Questions about online Ph.D. programs

  • Are the doctoral programs offered online legitimate?

The Ph.D. program online is legitimate if it has accreditation. By being accredited, the program is guaranteed to fulfill the high academic standards of other comparable Ph.D. programs. Companies and other higher education institutions will accept your degree as authentic if it has accreditation.

There are more and more reputable, authorized online Ph.D. programs as colleges move toward online learning to meet the demands of a more diversified student base.

  • How much time do online Ph.D. programs last?

Like all Ph.D. degrees, online Ph.D. programs can be any length, although most run 5-7 years. Research and coursework are balanced in a doctoral degree. Typically, before beginning original research, students must complete a specified number of course prerequisites.

Coursework may just require a year or two, but each candidate will have a different time frame for finishing a dissertation that satisfies the program’s standards.

  • What distinguishes a doctorate from a Ph.D. program?

A Ph.D. is a kind of doctorate. Doctor of Philosophy is the abbreviation for Ph.D. A Ph.D. can typically be awarded to a student in any discipline, except religion, law, or medicine. Ph. Ds are awarded to students in fields like the humanities, English, history, and the biological sciences.

Other doctorates, such as those in education, law, or nursing practice, may also be awarded by academic institutions.

  • Can I complete my Ph.D. fully online?

A lot of authorized higher education institutions provide online Ph.D. programs that are entirely online. Yet, some programs might need on-campus activities like a dissertation defense and library study.

  • What do businesses think about doctoral degrees offered online?

Getting a doctorate requires a lot of discipline and perseverance, regardless of the situation. Whether you earned your Ph.D. via the internet or face-to-face, the majority of employers will appreciate and recognize the effort required to obtain a Ph.D.

Do your homework on potential online Ph.D. programs. Companies will respect your online Ph.D. just as highly as a regular one if you’re enrolled in a recognized, reputable university.