30 Summer Jobs That Pay Well

Seasonal job options increase over the summer, giving adults and youths a chance to earn additional money. Knowing which positions offer more competitive pay may be helpful if you’re seeking work over the summer.

In this post, we’ll look at 30 summer jobs that pay well, along with a description of each position’s responsibilities and the typical pay rate.

What is a summer or seasonal job?

Seasonal employment is temporary work that frequently occurs each year. Although many businesses offer seasonal employment during the winter, fall, and spring, summer employment is the most prevalent. Students in high school and university, professors, and other professionals who may work fewer hours during the summer months are all in demand for summer jobs. For people who like working in the sun, many summer jobs are outside or entail activities that are only done during the summer. They’re also a great method to broaden your skill set, keep a stable job, and form new professional relationships.

Advantages of summer jobs

Due to their flexibility and brief duration, summer jobs have several advantages for adults, university students, and young adults. A temporary, part-time job may be valuable to an adult’s ingenuity and income if they are trying to explore new opportunities or generate extra money.

Summer jobs for university students may lead to a full-time position after graduation, give them work experience more relevant to their studies, or give them extra money to put away for a car or to assist with tuition. Young adults can gain experience through summer jobs that teach them accountability and cash management as they get ready for adult life. It might also spark their interest in a certain line of work.

Why you need to think about getting summer jobs

Consider applying for summer jobs for a variety of reasons. A summer job, for instance, can give you both the chance to earn money and gain on-the-job experience if you’re a university student in the summer holidays. Summer jobs might assist provide extra revenue for people like teachers who are unemployed during the summer.

Listed below are some advantages of choosing to work summer jobs:

Boost the quality of your resume.

Several full-time positions call for prior experience. Summer jobs might improve your CV for prospective employers if you are a college or high school student with little to no work experience. It might be especially beneficial to gain job-specific experience by looking for summer jobs in the profession you intend to pursue as a career.

Develop new skills

Every employment offers the chance to pick up new abilities. You can develop your abilities at every stage of finding and keeping summer jobs, from the first interview through actual on-the-work experience.

Earn additional money

You might be able to supplement your income during the summer even with part-time work. Summer jobs can enable you to earn more money, whether you’re trying to save up for a large vacation or you simply require some extra cash to spend.

Make new acquaintances

It’s a terrific method to expand your social network and meet new individuals to get a summer job. Temporary employment can help you build your network, whether you are employed in your field or are merely doing a part-time job over the summer.

Advice for finding summer jobs

The suggestions listed below should be used when seeking summer jobs:

  • Begin your search as soon as possible
  • Put your resume in order.
  • Think about contacting your relatives and friends.
  • Search specifically for seasonal employment.
  • Don’t restrict your choices.

Begin your search as soon as possible

Many individuals of all ages are undergoing the same procedure as you intend to look for summer jobs. The number of candidates for available positions is expected to be high.

Businesses must have a clear strategy for the summer and know who they can rely on for the open positions to begin recruiting candidates before the season even begins. You’ll want to begin your search as soon as possible to get access to all the job prospects out there.

Prepare your resume.

Regardless of your professional qualifications, if you don’t effectively convey them to potential employers, you can miss out on a fantastic summer work opportunity. Spend some time getting your résumé in top shape before submitting applications for open employment. Be sure to list all of your prior job, educational backgrounds, certifications, and accomplishments, and arrange them so that a prospective employer can easily understand them. Employers may review dozens of resumes, so unless yours stands out, they probably won’t give it a close look.

Get recommendations from your family and acquaintances if you have little professional experience. You can also think about asking key contacts to vouch for your seriousness and reliability.

Think about contacting your relatives and friends.

The labor market is constantly changing, particularly when it pertains to temporary employment. Starting your search domestically could be a good option before looking at the available employment market. You might find employment opportunities among your friends, neighbors, or family members who operate small businesses or know a person who does. If not, since everybody has their networks of contacts and acquaintances, they might mention you the next time somebody mentions needing a summer employee.

Both parties involved find it simpler to land a job through such a link because prospective employers would much prefer to focus their time on more beneficial tasks than looking through resumes. When given a chance to hire someone who a reliable source has highly recommended, they will almost always take the risk.

Find summer jobs in particular.

It might be advisable to restrict your job search to simply summer work if you are certain that you won’t be keeping the position in the fall. Your search will become more focused and effective if you look for seasonal jobs.

As there are more seasonal employment opportunities throughout the summer, you probably have a wide range of options. In the summer, when tourism is typically at its most significant, the neighborhood around your property may require additional assistance if it is a popular tourist destination. When it comes to seasonal occupations that demand interactions with tourists, you’ll probably have a lot of possibilities, from eateries to shopping malls and small businesses.

However, even in areas unrelated to tourism, there are more work prospects throughout the summer. The majority of renovation and construction projects are completed over the summer; therefore many businesses in these sectors will require additional staff to handle activities like cleaning and material transportation.

More personnel might be required for summer activities at nearby parks. In the summer season, people are constantly needed to mow lawns and take care of gardening tasks. In general, a comprehensive search will turn up numerous summer employment alternatives.

Don’t restrict your choices.

Companies search for workers all around the world throughout the summer, therefore if you can travel, think about keeping your choices open when looking for summer employment. Perhaps there are organizers and cleaners needed for the annual event you attend, or servers and bartenders are required at an exotic beach resort.

Jobs ranging from harvesting strawberries to entertaining passengers on cruise ships are available in every region. A summer job hunt can present numerous new possibilities if you’re adaptable.

15 summer jobs that pay well

These 15 summer jobs are a good option if you’re looking for seasonal work this season:

1. A lifeguard

National average yearly salary: $14.41

Primary responsibilities: To ensure the security of both children and adults, a lifeguard with summer jobs keeps an eye on and oversees activities in both indoor and outdoor pools. To prevent mishaps and injuries, they are responsible for preserving security and safety regulations. They are also responsible for the charge of promptly handling crises.

2. Camp counselor

National average hourly salary: $15.24

Primary responsibilities: A camp counselor with summer jobs is in charge of keeping a safe, pleasant, and healthy environment for campers. Typically, counselors are in charge of organizing and carrying out camp programs and programming, as well as giving campers chances for leadership and growth.

3. A bartender

Nationwide average hourly wage: $16

Primary responsibilities: A bartender with summer jobs is in charge of precisely and quickly preparing a wide range of nonalcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Depending on the establishment, they might also be expected to collect meal orders at the bar while interacting with patrons to provide a great experience.

4. A landscaper.

Nationwide average hourly wage: $17.09

Primary responsibilities: A landscaper is in charge of keeping up the exterior design of a client’s place of business or residence. They are typically in charge of watering the plants, pruning trees and shrubs, and mowing lawns. They might also assist in setting up lighting systems or installing patios, decks, and walks, depending on the task.

5. A customer service agent

Nationwide average hourly wage: $17.30

Primary responsibilities: Customer service agents with summer jobs work for businesses, resolving grievances, responding to inquiries, and giving information on goods and services over the phone. They might be required to handle refunds and accept payments.

6. Dog walker

Nationwide average hourly wage: $15.63

Primary responsibilities: A dog walker with summer jobs typically walks dogs for clients every day to provide them with exercise. Typically, they are in charge of cleaning up any excrement and discarding it, maintaining a watchful eye on the dog’s food and water according to the client’s directions, keeping the dogs safe when out for walks, and doing any other tasks the client may ask for.

7. A construction worker

Nationwide average hourly wage: $18.04

Primary responsibilities: Using client-provided plans, construction workers with summer jobs carry out activities requiring physical work to help build or maintain buildings, roads, and other infrastructure. They might be in charge of clearing debris, unloading and loading building supplies, and managing large machinery.

8. Nanny or babysitter

Nationwide average hourly wage: $18.81

Primary responsibilities: Families can get reliable child care from a babysitter or nanny with summer jobs. In addition to offering teaching programs and safe, stimulating surroundings for kids, duties may also include bathing, clothing, changing nappies, and food planning and preparation. While babysitters typically only offer their services during specific days and hours, nannies occasionally live in homes and give care around the clock.

9. Virtual assistant

Nationwide average hourly wage: $20.43.

Primary responsibilities: A virtual assistant with summer jobs works remotely on behalf of companies or business owners. A virtual assistant could be in charge of maintaining the client’s social media accounts, calendars, appointments, and emails, as well as other administrative duties. Also, they might handle private activities like making hotel reservations or conducting errands.

10. Event planner

Nationwide average hourly wage: $22.21

Primary responsibilities: An event planner with summer jobs organizes event services such as booking a venue, catering, music, decoration, hotel, and transport according to the specifications of the client. They typically manage the guest list and set up the venue before the event to make sure all the audio and multimedia equipment is set up, the decorations are up, and the catering companies are ready.

11. Tour guide

Nationwide average hourly wage: $22.58

Primary responsibilities: The main responsibilities of a tour guide with summer jobs are to inform tourists—whether they are individuals or groups—about the significance of museums, historical monuments, and other notable locales. Tour guides must have excellent communication skills, the ability to speak to both small and big groups, and the ability to retain knowledge.

12. Tutor

Nationwide average hourly wage: $23.92.

Primary responsibilities: A tutor with summer jobs is typically engaged through an agency to assist children and young people in learning academic subjects they are struggling with. They usually oversee homework assistance, review of class assignments, and class discussions. They might also aid kids in getting ready for the SATs or ACTs.

13. Freelance writer

Nationwide average hourly wage: $25.07

Primary responsibilities: Writing a range of content depending on client instructions, a freelance writer typically works through an organization or personally for a client. They develop material in the shape of blogs, essays, white papers, or other forms using advanced writing abilities, style manuals supplied by the customer, and their subject-matter knowledge.

14. Fitness Instructor

Nationwide average hourly wage: $26.29

Primary responsibilities: A fitness instructor with summer jobs is in charge of organizing, directing, and encouraging physical activity for both individual customers and groups. They provide clients with exercise demonstrations and adapt the programs for different fitness levels. They keep an eye on clients as they work out to ensure their safety and give general well-being and fitness advice.

15. Swimming coach

Nationwide average hourly wage: $26.85

Primary responsibilities: Children and adults are both taught proper swimming methods by swim instructors. Lesson plans must be developed and delivered by teachers by the age and academic level of every class or individual. Also, they might teach swimming teams, give private lessons, or assist more experienced swimmers in improving their strokes.

16. Ride-hailing service provider

Nationwide average hourly wage: $10.95

Primary responsibilities: Ride operators control the ride’s mechanics in amusement parks, theme parks, or water slides. They also make sure that patrons observe safety precautions and notify leadership of any misbehavior or ride-related problems.

17. Worker at a concession

Nationwide Average Hourly Wage: $11.21

Primary responsibilities: Concessions personnel frequently work in sporting venues or during other significant summer events, performing duties like operating the cash machine, preparing meals, and dealing with patron complaints.

18. Attendant for a car wash

Nationwide Average Hourly Wage: $11.29

Primary responsibilities: Car wash workers can operate at a mechanized car wash where they supervise the automobile’s security as it passes through the washing bay or separately hand wash cars’ interiors and exteriors.

19. Housekeeper

Nationwide Average Hourly Wage: $11.49

Primary responsibilities: A housekeeper’s duties often involve performing standard household upkeep like cleaning, vacuuming, and trash removal as well as sporadic tasks like deep cleaning baseboards or equipment. Some housekeepers also take care of domestic chores like food shopping and washing.

20. Barista

Nationwide Average Hourly Wage: $11.63

Primary responsibilities: Baristas’ main responsibilities include taking orders from clients, preparing coffee and tea, and serving food and snacks.

21. Food service employee

Nationwide Average Hourly Wage: $11.91

Primary responsibilities: The main responsibilities of food service professionals include collecting orders from patrons, cooking meals or other items, supervising patrons at the drive-through, and cleaning the eating area.

22. Parking guard

Nationwide Average Hourly Wage: $12.40

Primary responsibilities: Parking attendants frequently keep an eye on parking lots, take money from customers, and notify managers of any wrongdoing.

23. Retail sales representative

Nationwide Average Hourly Wage: $12.64

Primary responsibilities: The main responsibilities of retail sales associates include helping customers, responding to inquiries, maintaining product organization, operating the cash register, and handling returns.

24. Gardener

Nationwide Average Hourly Wage: $12.77

Primary responsibilities: Gardeners, often known as landscapers, have several primary responsibilities, including weeding gardens, mowing lawns, trimming bushes and trees, and watering or applying pesticides as necessary to the garden and lawn.

25. Delivery person

Nationwide Average Hourly Wage: $13.43

Primary responsibilities: Delivery personnel may operate for a single company or a network of companies. They pick up items or food, transport them to the customer, and keep their vehicles in good working order.

26. Intern

Nationwide Average Hourly Wage: $14.02

Primary responsibilities: Depending on the sector they work in, interns might carry out a variety of tasks. Many deals with administrative duties, data input, and communication by telephone and email.

27. Pet sitter

Nationwide Average Hourly Wage: $12.95

Primary responsibilities: Pet sitters are responsible for the care of pets while their owners are at work or away. Dog walking, feeding animals, and basic grooming as required are among the responsibilities.

28. Computer specialist

Nationwide Average Hourly Wage: $15.96

Primary responsibilities: While some computer technicians operate for electronics retailers or service shops, others are independent contractors. Troubleshooting computer issues, supporting clients with downloads or upgrades, and conducting repairs are typical duties.

29. Referee

Nationwide Average Hourly Wage: $16.66

Primary responsibilities: Referees typically have extensive knowledge of their particular sport. They make sure players play the game fairly by spotting fouls, controlling playing time, and allocating penalties.

30. Short-term property manager/landlord

Nationwide Average Hourly Wage: $24.66

Primary responsibilities: The main responsibility of a short-term landlord is to provide lodging for travelers or transient guests at their residence or another property. Property managers perform similar tasks for themselves, a customer, or a business, although frequently on a bigger scale.


Remember that your job hunt this summer, if you haven’t already, is more than simply making some additional money; it could offer you the strategic advantage you need to land more and better positions in the future. Also, after working for minimum pay, you’ll be able to understand how much a higher job is worth.

Frequently Asked Questions on summer jobs

  • Is it worthwhile to work this summer?

A teen’s confidence may increase if they land a summer job because it will provide them the chance to experience success in the hiring, training, and working processes. Having a summer job may help you develop your network-building and time-management abilities.

  • At what age may you start working a summer job?

Federal laws on teen employment

The FLSA sets a national minimum age of 14 for the majority of non-agricultural jobs. Nonetheless, it prohibits any youngster from carrying out any of the subsequent 17 jobs: producing or keeping explosives. either operating a motorized vehicle or providing outside assistance to a motor vehicle.

  • What profession has the simplest job?

The three jobs that are the easiest to obtain are cashiering and serving customers. The majority of the mentioned positions demand excellent interpersonal and customer service abilities. Choose a work that meets your demands since it’s crucial to keep in mind that someone else’s concept of an easy job can be different from yours.